Body Jewelry for YOU.

We were tired of the conventional approach to piercings and so Spirit Adornments was born in the summer of 2015. By the piercing enthusiast, for the piercing enthusiast. Always.

Welcome to Spirit Adornments!

We believe that your body jewelry is an expression of who you are. We strive to provide you with gorgeous adornments for your piercings -as well as stylish accessories- all to compliment your unique personality!


I love the quality of the earrings they're so nice! I'm even going to go get more piercings so I can add more of your jewelry! 10/10 totally recommend!!!


I get all my septum, daith, and nostril piercings here! I love love love it!!!!!

Brookelynn McGinnis

The Triangle Beads Clicker fits like a charm, nice and snug -but not too tight- around my nose. I had no problem putting it in and removing it. Very happy with my purchase!


I love these Opal Labrets so much! I have them in my third lobe piercing because I was incredibly tired of my ears getting irritated by whatever I had in them. These are problem free!


I ordered the blue Opal Fixed Bead Ring. At first I questioned if the quality would be good. $5.99 is a good price, so you never know. I have sensitive ears. I've had it in for about 2 weeks and I've had no problem what-so-ever! Would definetly recommend this!


I'm soooo happy with my purchase. When I get more pierced I will definitely be ordering more jewelry from you guys!(: Thank you soo much