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IMplant Grade Titanium Opal Labret Conch Piercing Jewelry Helix Earring Cartilage Stud OPal Cartilage Jewelry Titanium Labret Piercing Jewelry Body Jewelry
Bliss Labret
Bliss Labret

Bliss Labret

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The absolutely jaw dropping Bliss Labret features a 4mm and a 3mm opal with clusters of beads arranged around them. It is great for cartilage/helix, flat, conch, lobe, or tragus piercings!

It is sold by piece and is made of implant grade titanium at 14 gauge (1.6mm) and 5/16" (8mm) long with internal threading. The top is 10.5mm long by 7.17mm wide. This piece is suitable for initial piercings, nickel free, and ready to ship!

If you would like this beautiful piece with blue or hot pink opals, a different length labret, or want this piece in 12 gauge, don't hesitate to send us an email about a custom order! We can also do custom orders to anodize this beauty in 26 different colors, including gold, blue, rose gold, purple, pink and more!