Why You Should Not Sleep On a Fresh or Healing Piercing

Major congrats on your new bling! Chances are, if you're reading this you have just gotten yourself a brand new piercing. If you're like me, you have done this a thousand times, you're a pro, and you know how to take care of your healing addition to your carefully curated ear. BUT do you know that it is imperative that you do not sleep on your fresh piercing?

I was not aware of this fact until after my ears already held several piercings, and looking back I wish I had known better than to sleep on my piercings as soon as I could bear the pain. 

Here are the reasons why:

Sleeping on your piercings makes them take longer to heal. If you're like me, you move around in your sleep. ALOT.  If you don't, then props to you for not kicking the crap out of anyone that sleeps with you- but I'm sorry to say you still shouldn't sleep on new piercings. Anyways, this movement really wrecks havoc on your new piercings, because you are dragging them along and causing the jewelry to get put into weird angles. If you sleep the same way long enough your piercing will actually heal at a crooked angle and be stuck that way forever! This will make it hard for you to apply jewelry and your piercing won't look as professional and beautifully done.

By this point I know you're saying "What the heck how do I sleep! My piercing is on my favorite side! Fear not, I have a hack for you. If you MUST sleep on the side that you just got a piercing in, use a travel neck pillow, and sleep with your ear right in the center of the hole. Here is what they look like:

These are PERFECT for saving your piercing! 

How has this tip worked out for you? Let us know in the comments! 



  • Hi, I just got my industrial done and I’m trying the travel pillow hack and think it’s a brilliant idea, however I move about and fidget so much as I’m lying in bed trying to drift off let alone in my sleep! And I’m finding that the ball on the bottom of my bar is bumping the travel pillow causing lots of pain! Do you have any other suggestions on how I can prevent this? I have a standard sized pillow and my ear just doesn’t seem to fit right in the gap which sucks :)

  • I recently got a daith and a flat piercings. I did the same thing with my travel pillow and it makes such a difference! I don’t sleep on my right side but I do lie one on the right side when I read and it was impossible. I realized the travel pillow trick and I’ve used it ever since. SO much easier!

  • I went to school today and forgot to turn my piercing before I left my house, I realized that I woke up on the side with my new cartilage piercing. I realized in third block something wasnt right. I went to the bathroom and realized my cartilage piercing was PUSHED INSIDE OF MY EAR! The nurse had to yank the piercing loose so it would stop the swelling and inflammation. I am definitely buying a travel pillow. Thank you so much!

    Kadence Lilly
  • Hi there,

    We make a special pillow with is really good for sleeping with ear piercings. It’s called the Original Pillow with a Hole and it’s made by hand in England. It may be a good alternative for your readers.

    Here’s the link if it’s allowed and anyone is interested: https://www.thepillowwithahole.co.uk/pillow-sleeping-ear-piercings/


    Tim Leigh
    The Pillow With A Hole Ltd

  • I’m really struggling! Had my cartilage pierced a few weeks ago, know I shouldn’t sleep on that ear so always lay on the other side when drifting off but I move a LOT in my sleep and pretty much always wake up facing the wrong way! I’ve seen articles saying “the pain will wake you” but I could sleep through an earthquake so literally have no idea til my alarm goes off. The travel pillow tip looks fab but I know I’d flip over and then not land back on it when I turn it again. Feeling my only option is to strap something like that to my head so it moves with me… has anyone else had to do this?!


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