What Does TRUE Piercing Aftercare Look Like?

When it comes to aftercare, there are a million different people saying a million different things. It can be hard to know what is true and what is false! Even I had some false beliefs until recently- after digging around on the internet and talking to some of the finest piercers about the best methods, we are ready to present you with what true piercing aftercare should look like.

All you really need is a good sterile saline soak one or more times per day. Yes folks, that is all! You can buy pre-mixed solutions such as NeilMed Piercing Aftercare. (I have just switched to this one and it is WONDERFUL) You just need to be certain that the mixture you choose is ONLY saline with no additives! If that is not available to you, you can also mix your own!

*To mix your own, use one cup of distilled water and mix in 1/8-1/4 teaspoon of non iodized sea salt. Please note that more salt than this is not beneficial!*

First wash your hands very well, before touching your piercing. Fill a shot glass or a small cup with saline solution, lay your ear in it and then invert your head so the liquid is soaking your piercing! (be sure to hold the cup on tight enough that when you turn your head over the liquid does not go everywhere! The idea is to soak the piercing in it, not pour the saline solution all over yourself 😉)

If it is easier, you can also use soaked gauze or paper towels over the piercing instead of a cup or shot glass.

Leave the piercing in the solution for five to ten minutes!

Then dry with paper towels. No rinsing is necessary! Be sure not to use cloth towels as they can get caught on your jewelry and they tend to hold nasty bacteria.

It is super important to mention here that is is in fact NOT necessary to rotate your piercing during the healing process. It actually disrupts the healing process greatly when you move the jewelry around at all. It is also good to change your pillowcase and wash your bedding often, as they can also harbor bacteria.

And that is all you have to do every day for a healthy and happy piercing! 

Here are some additional things to avoid while healing a piercing:

- Picking away crust

- Hairsprays, perfume, saliva, or other substances on or near healing piercings

- Lakes, pools, hot tubs, etc., as this water is not clean!

- Using alcohol, peroxide, and soaps containing tryclosan on the piercing

- Dangling jewelry until the piercing is fully healed

- Bumping, hitting, pulling, on the piercing, as it will cause trauma and can result in scarring or rejection of the piercing

- Changing your jewelry until the piercing is fully healed


The aftercare routine is pretty easy! Most people definitely overthink it. In summary, all you have to do is not fiddle with the piercing, leave the initial jewelry in for the whole healing period unless it needs to be downsized, and do a saline soak 1+ times a day. 

I hope you all give this routine a try- I promise your new piercing will thank you! 😇

Until Next Week,

Kourtney 🖤


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