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What the HECK is a coin slot modification?! & HOW is it done?

Many of you may have seen images of super stacked rings in a helix or conch floating around the web... these are coin slots! Here is a great example:
coin slot piercing coin slot modification
The look is SUPER cute, even in a conch! How could you resist these heaps of minimal hoops all bunched together! 😍
coin slot piercing coin slot modifictaion
How do they achieve this looks?
First, you decide the exact placement and shape of your coin slot. Some are oblong, some are rectangles, and some are more round like this guy:
coin slot piercing coin slot modification
Much like getting a gauged conch piercing, this chunk of cartilage is simply cut out of the ear. Then the edges are stitched up, like so:
coin slot piercing coin slot stitches
Once it is healed you can then stack it full of all sorts of hoops!
What is your opinion on the coin slot? Do you like it, or do you prefer the traditional cartilage piercings? Let us know in the comments below!
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  • I love that look

    Shell Merrill

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