Top Jewelry Choices for Your Helix Piercing

The helix piercing is probably the most common non-lobe ear piercing you will encounter. Reasonably so, this cute piercing allows for many different jewelry styles to be displayed!

 It can be confusing to know what you can and can not use or your helix piercing, so we've created this guide to help.

Before choosing your jewelry, you need to know what gauge your helix piercing is. If you currently have in a push back stud, your piercing is 20 gauge. If your helix was pierced with a needle it is most likely a 16 gauge or an 18 gauge size. You can either measure your current jewelry or ask your piercer what size he/she used.

Now for the jewelry options:

The number one choice for your helix piercing is a labret!

Labrets have flat backs for comfort and feature many different decorative tops to choose from.

Also similar to labrets are decorative barbells! They have a ball for the backing, and a decorative front.

If you're not wanting a stud, you can use a seam ring, hinged seam ring, captive bead ring, clicker, or horseshoe!


Our favorite labrets to see in a helix piercing are the Titanium Opal Curve Labret and the Crystal Moon Labret.

As for barbells, the Flower Curve Barbell really steals the show! A close second would be the Scalloped Opal Curve Barbell.

If you're wanting a hoop, the Crystal Paved Hinged Seam Ring is the absolute cutest option! As for horseshoes, the Titanium Gem Horseshoe is a great pick.

Clickers are also great for helix piercings, and the Gemma Stacked Clicker is a favorite to see. It lays perfectly alongside the ear when placed in a helix!


- Think about that direction the gems on the jewelry will be facing when the jewelry is installed!

- If you want a tighter fit, you'll need a smaller diameter hoop

- Exact sizing is difficult since every person's ear is so unique!

While they take a long time to heal, your helix piercing is bound to be one of your favorite piercings, and picking out jewelry for it is so much fun! The possibilities are endless, especially if you have more than one helix piercing in a row.

I hope this little jewelry guide has been helpful!

Until Next Week,

Kourtney 🖤

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