Top 5 Piercing Ideas for Men in 2018

As soon as someone mentions piercings on a man, everyone thinks of this guy:

or maybe this guy:

Man with tons of piercings

But the fact in the matter is that not all guys who have piercings end up looking like this! Just like for women, piercings and tattoos are a great way to express one's self. So without further ado, here are the top five piercings for men to get in 2018!

1. Nostril Piercings

Hot guy with nose piercing

Nostril piercings have been gaining popularity on since mid 2017, with many celebrities like Zayn Malik and Chris Brown sporting their piercings to many adoring fans all over social media. Even Tupac sported a nose piercing back in the day!

2. A Subtle Lip Piercing

One can never go wrong with a subtle lip piercing to adorn their smile!

3. Industrial Piercing

Now I don't know if it's just me, but industrial piercings look especially great on males. They add a touch of character and really look awesome even with the most basic jewelry!

4. Lobe Piercings

Lobe piercings are often overlooked as being considered piercings at all, but they definitely are. One of the best options for any man is a pair of lobe piercings. And lets not forget to admire how great they look on Johnny Depp!

5. Belly Button Piercing

Now this one is a little bit controversial, with many men saying they would never get this done! But, on the right candidate, can you see how beautiful this adornment can be?!


Now that you have some ideas, its time to make an appointment with your local piercer, or if you're not a guy, talk to your guy friends, significant others, and husbands and see if they would get any of these! If you succeed in convincing them to try one (neither you or them will regret it!) tag us on Instagram @spiritadornments in a pic so we can share it to our followers! 

And if youre looking for some great jewelry for any of your piercings, you can check out our site here for the best jewelry and great deals!

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