Threadless Jewelry 101

Threadless jewelry is rising in popularity and there's no doubt why! This revolutionary system uses universal tops! That means that once you own a decorative top, you can use it in ANY gauge/length post for use in endless piercing types.

When you receive your threadless jewelry, you will receive two separate parts. The post (which is hollow and smooth inside) and the top (which is the decorative end with the thin stick on the back). All of our threadless jewelry comes with both pieces!

To use your new jewelry, first you should slide the thin piece into the hollow post halfway. Then slightly bend the top to create a small bend in the thin piece. Now your jewelry is ready to be inserted into your piercing!

Insert the post into the back of your piercing, and then gently push the decorative top into the hollow post. Once you reach the bend you made, you will start to feel some resistance. Keep pushing the top in until you hear a snap or a clicking sound and viola! Your new jewelry is ready to shine!

This system works because the small bend that you created in the thin back of the decorative top puts tension on each side of the hollow post when inserted, keeping the jewelry securely in place.


If you absolutely cannot get the decorative top into your post after making the bend, you have probably bent the post a little bit too much. Take it out and straighten the thin piece a little bit.

If your top easily slides in and out of the hollow post, you need to bend the thin piece a bit more to create more resistance!


Internally threaded jewelry has been the best option until recently- but it has one grand flaw! No matter the quality of your internally threaded jewelry, you have to check it every 2-3 days to be sure that the threaded tops have not been loosened with time.

Threadless jewelry completely does away with this issue! If you get the bend of the top just right you will never have to worry about this jewelry falling out unless it is pulled on very hard. That means no more missing tops!! Plus, with lots of options for tops and colors, you will never be out of different styles to choose from!

Threadless jewelry is also super great because you can use it in smaller gauge piercings, such as the nostril. Normal threaded jewelry does not come in the 20 gauge size, but with threadless jewelry you can use a decorative top in your 14 gauge conch piercing one day, then switch it to your 20 gauge nostril the next. 

With threadless jewelry you have complete freedom without size restrictions! As long as you have appropriate sized posts, you can switch all of your tops around as you wish, which is truly a dream come true.

If you have never tried threadless jewelry before, our Titanium Crystal Labret is a great starting point! It is a cute little gem top that you can use in any piercing and comes in any gauge from 20-14 gauge! You will love the style and will be back for some of our 14kt Gold Threadless labrets.

I hope that this blog has shed some light on threadless jewelry and convinced you to give it a try! You won't ever want to go back to threaded jewelry again.

Until Next Week,

Kourtney 🖤


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