Becoming Spirit Adornments: The Story of a Piercing Addict

The Beginning

Way back in 2014, I began my journey as a piercing addict, adding a forward helix and a conch piercing to my ears. I was pierced with plain silver barbells like most people are. Soon after being pierced I began searching for new jewelry but I could never seem to find anything like the adorable styles that had inspired me to get the piercings in the first place on tumblr! (Tumblr was the BOMB back then!!) 

What I did find was a ton of overpriced, mystery metal jewelry with stereotypical designs. The only way to get more unique jewelry was to pay hundreds of dollars for each piece, and as a teenager with no job there was just no way I could afford that luxury!

I came across a wholesale jewelry website that had a few of the cute designs that I had been searching for, and I thought to myself "If only I needed 50 pieces of this item, then I could get it for a reasonable price!"

A few days passed and I found myself returning to the same thought. Then I realized that if I was having this delimma, there must be many other piercing lovers who were struggling to find their dream jewelry as well!

In 2015, with just $120 borrowed from my father, my first wholesale order, and an Etsy shop, Spirit Adornments was born!

I was still in high school and very involved in sports and extracurricular activities, so growth was very sow in the beginning. Every time an order notification popped up, so much excitement bubbled up inside of me! I went home and packed up the order with care then took it to the post office after school the next day.

After graduating high school, I spent six months trying to figure out a way to make money. I designed banners and social media posts for different customers online, created logos, and worked on various marketing projects. I then realized that I was putting so much effort into other people's businesses that I was completely neglecting my own venture!

What now?

I took on a full time job as a waitress thinking that I would have the time on the side to build my community of piercing addicts. This did not work out in my favor. The hours of a waitress trying to make a living are long and tedious, and although enjoyable (shoutout to any waiters/waitresses out there, y'all are the best!) I came to the conclusion that I needed to put more time and focus into Spirit Adornments if I was ever going to solve the problem I had discovered several years before.

My love of speaking with customers and making their days bright with my service as a waitress followed me when I quit my job after one year to focus fully on the piercing jewelry business with the full support of Tyler, my (now) husband. I wanted to imbue that same spirit of making people happy by helping them into my business venture!

I went to work building my very first website, and investing in more and better products. I learned all I could about piercings, and with lots of time spent making content, scheduling posts and interacting with hundreds of other piercing lovers each day, the Spirit Adornments Community on Instagram began to thrive!

Growing Pains

There were many days where I doubted that I was good enough or knew enough to make something of this venture. Why should I, a regular 18 year old girl with a passion for piercings, deserve to create a successful business and be able to help people at the same time? On those days with tears flowing I had Tyler to pick me up and reassure me that if I worked hard enough I could do anything!

Before long, with all of you guy's support, we were able to grow our jewelry catalog to over 500 items ranging from belly rings, to facial piercing jewelry, to all kinds of labrets, and now we even feature lots of jewelry that is perfect for initial piercings AND still cute while being wallet friendly!

Tyler was able to quit his job as a car salesman to handle the legal aspects of the business and before long I was able to hire an additional team member to help us pack up orders and take care of all of you through email!

I now use the Spirit Adornments instagram account to share all of the knowledge about piercings that I have learned, inspire fellow piercing lovers not to be afraid to express themselves through their piercing choices, and encourage everyone to relinquish the negative stigma of piercings as viewed by society. Spirit Adornments provides the quality jewelry that you love and styles that you are proud to wear everyday!

My message to you is that with a purpose and persistence you can make a life out of your passions. You too (yes even YOU) can inspire, help, and bring people joy on a daily basis! Whatever the project, big or small, you only need to start and be persistent. If you do this, the results will come!

Next Steps

As for the future of Spirit Adornments, big things are coming. We have plans for a physical location in 2020 located near The Woodlands, Texas where we will continue to provide jewelry, give styling assistance, and perform any piercing you could ever want! Soon after, an exclusive brand new line of implant grade titanium jewelry will launch in an array of styles that will make you itch for a new piercing. We cannot WAIT. We hope you will stick with us on this journey as we grow. If you have read this far, thank you so much- from the bottom of my heart. YOU are the reason that we do what we do.

Until Next Week,

Kourtney 🖤


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  • I am SO happy to have found you!! I’m waiting now for my second order, and plan to be a regular customer! Love shopping your site!! Can’t wait to visit your store…my daughter lives just north of Houston, so I’ll be sure to visit when I’m down to see her!

    Charli Kiley

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