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The Most Unique Orbital Placements in 2018

If I were to pick one piercing that is absolutely stunning but very rarely seen, it would certainly be the orbital. 

There are so many crazy cool places to put these piercings! I’m so surprised they are not more widespread. Let’s look at a few of the best orbital placements out there! 

#1: Cartilage Orbital by @elektrikchairpiercing!

Cartilage Orbital Piercing 

WOW! This cartilage orbital is so unique, especially with how it is wrapped around the industrial!

#2: Forward Helix to Rook Orbital by @coleythrash

Rook to Forward Helix Orbital

This one is not for the faint of heart, but look how cool the forward helix to rook orbital looks! 😍

#3: Conch to Helix Orbital by @sydnopolis

Conch to Helix Orbital Piercing

What a stunning effect this triple conch to helix orbital has! This is something that not many people have, so if you want to get something that is rare- here you go!

#4: Low Helix Orbital (piercer unknown!)

High Lobe Orbital Piercing

This orbital is a great alternative to a conch piercing with a hoop in it!

#5: Helix Orbital by @westinmichael10

 Helix Orbital Piercing

I love the look of this orbital! its a very new spin on the classic helix piercing.

I hope you guys have drawn some inspiration from these wonderful piercer's work! Be sure you follow them on instagram ✨

Is this your first time seeing these orbital piercings? Have these made you want one!? 

Until next week,

Kourtney 🖤


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