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The Most Unique Industrial Piercings : A Lookbook

The industrial piercing is one of the most sought after piercings today, and it's no surprise why! This piercing is for the brave as it requires extra care while healing since the bar goes through two holes. Some industrial piercings are extraordinarily unique- utilizing up to six holes or going vertically through the ear instead of the normal way! In this week's blog post we are showing you our favorite unique industrials in hopes to awe or possibly inspire you.

#1 is this gorgeous solid 14kt gold beauty that is essentially three industrials in one! This industrial is a show of elegance but still a little extreme at the same time.

#2 The Floating Industrial is a great option for those who might not have the anatomy for a traditional industrial, and looks even cooler!!


#3 The vertical industrial is an impressive one! This cutie just peeks out on the inside of your ear, and when paired with a traditional industrial and a pac man theme is too cute to bear!


#4 Here we have a custom industrial that is curvy to accentuate the shape of this lady's ear! With bullet opal ends and gems in the center, you have to love this one!


#5 Traditional industrials always look amazing, but with additional sparkle and a matching theme this industrial is truly beautiful!


#6 The three point industrial is a striking display! This one may or may not be considered an industrial by some people, but it combines two helix piercings and one conch piercing. This jewelry could even be removed if the wearer wished to switch back and forth from separate jewelry for a more classic look! 


#7 Here we have another vertical industrial- this time with a cactus theme!


#8 This jewelry was custom made for this client who didn't have the anatomy for the traditional industrial! This one looks very cool as the curves of the bar flow along with the shape of the ear so nicely.


#9 This double industrial features two unique v shaped barbells that fit perfectly in layers! The dangling gem off of the bottom bar adds a little extra touch.


#10 Last but certainly not least is this four point with custom bent jewelry featuring rutilated quartz in the center! Wow.


I hope that you have reached the end feeling ready to think up your own unique industrial idea, but if these styles are not for you, you can still appreciate the art of each of these piercings!

Until next time,

Kourtney 🖤

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  • Breathtaking and beautiful… These designs are some of the most unique ones I’ve ever laid eyes upon. They reveal piercings for what they truly are, a stunning form of art.

    Liz Jeselnik

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