The Hottest Earring Trend in 2018

It's no secret that huggie hoops popularity is on the rise! In fact, many of the most beautiful ears you see today are sporting these cute little hoops, whether they be minimalist or very bold! 

But what defines a huggie hoop? These earrings are small in diameter so they "hug" the ear giving a nice compact look to them!

Beyond this, they come in many different styles from plain and dazzled with stones to having intricate dangles. Lets take a look at a few of the piercing industries favorites....

Huggie Hoops by @otiumberg

Plain Diamond Huggie Hoops have to be the #1 most popular style!

Now add some dangles to that and here you have something even more beautiful, yet still elegant!

Star Dangle HUggie Hoops

These are our Star Dangle Huggie Hoops, sure to earn you many compliments!

Huggie Hoops come in so many cute varieties, it is truly hard to pick a favorite! Check out these creations by industry leader Maria Tash!
Huggie Hoops by Maria Tash

What a gorgeous variety!

You can also opt for something a little more punk, like out Triple Spiked CZ Huggie Hoops!

Triple Spiked Huggie Hoops

Whatever your taste, there is a huggie hoop out there that is absolutely perfect for YOU and will take your ears to the next level.

You can see our selection of huggie hoops here>

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