The Cutest Industrial Barbells for 2020

Ring in the new year in style! These Cutest Industrial Barbells for 2020 will have you needing your industrial pierced ASAP.

In the past, you would only see industrials with plain silver bars. Gone are those days- the past few years have brought a huge variety of colors, styles, and shapes of jewelry for the industrial piercing. There are so many options that it can be hard to choose! In this blog we've compiled our cutest industrial barbells for the year. Let's take a look!

#1: The Silver & Gold Snake Industrial

Silver & Gold Snake Industrial Industrial Barbell Industrial Piercing Jewelry

This cute industrial features an adorable textured gold snake charm in the center. The gold snake has black gem eyes, making this jewelry ideal for a silver, gold, or a silver/gold mixed look with black gem accents! How cute!

#2: The Sophia Industrial

Sophia Industrial Sophia Industrial Barbell Industrial Piercing Jewelry

Like it's name, the Sophia Industrial is a classy and elegant industrial bar option. In soothing rose gold, this bar features a large white opal flanked by two trios of shining gems that sits perfectly in the center of your ear! 

#3: The North Star Industrial

North Star Industrial Barbell Industrial bar Industrial Piercing Jewelry

This is one of our newer industrial bars, but is definitely a fave pick for 2020! Resembling a brightly shining star, this barbell showcases a gorgeous textured design with a gem in the center and two subtle accent gems on each ball.

#4: The Layla Opal Industrial

Layla Opal Industrial Bar Industrial Piercings Jewelry Industrial bar Chain Industrial Opal Industrial Bar Gold Industrial bar

This industrial bar is not your normal jewelry- the center is made of a free falling three tiered chain to create the most stunning vibes! Additionally, two opal bullet ends add the final touches to this edgy yet elegant industrial bar. Matched with a full gold & white opal look, the Layla Industrial is sure to be a show stopper in 2020!

#5: The Sword Industrial

Sword Industrial Sword Industrial Barbell Sword Piercing Jewelry

For the brave, this Sword Industrial transforms your regular piercing into a unique spectacle! Wearing this barbell creates the look of a mini sword stuck through your ear. In gold or silver, you can get the one that perfectly matches your style.

#6: The Hanging Snake Industrial

Hanging Snake Industrial Hanging Snake Barbell Snake Industrial Piercing Snake Barbell

Snake Industrial Barbells are on the rise, and we are one of the only body jewelry companies to offer them! The Hanging Snake Industrial is very unique- the head of the snake dangles down below the industrial bar and is embellished with three crystals on the center of the head. Wow!

#7: The Linked Crystal Industrial

Linked Crystal Industrial Barbell Flexible Industrial Bar Industrial piercing Jewelry Comfortable Industrial barbell

This industrial is made for ultimate comfort while still holding plenty of style. Three crystals are freely linked together to create the center of this super industrial. It is ideal for those who are sensitive to the normal rigid industrial bars, as it allows more movement. Any extra length will drape beautifully in the center of your ear!

#8: The Leaf Industrial

Leaf Industrial Leaf Barbell Leaf Industrial Plant Lovers Industrial

 The Leaf Industrial is a girly piece, featuring a crystal embellished frond in the center! This one is for those plant lovers out there!

#9: The Skull Industrial

Skull INdustrial Skull Piercing Jewelry Skull Industrial Barbell

Made for the bold, the edgy, the Skull Industrial features two silver skulls with black accents on each end! This is a very unique industrial bar, and looks great paired with a silver & black piercing theme.

#10: Titanium Opal Industrial

Titanium Opal Industrial barbell Industrial Piercing Jewelry Industrial Bar Opal Piercing Jewlery

As timelessly classic as they come- the Titanium Opal Industrial will always be an industrial favorite. Gorgeous prong set opals in 3 colors adorn each end. Internal threading and implant grade titanium material makes this beauty suitable for healed or initial piercings!

See our full industrial collection here. I hope you are feeling inspired to upgrade your industrial for the new year, or book an appointment to get yours pierced if you don't have it already!

Until next time, 

Kourtney 🖤

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