The Best Piercing Advice: EXPLAINED

A few days ago we asked all of our Instagram followers to share with us the best piercing advice they have ever received! We got so many great tips that we decided to compile them here and explain each one. So, here we go! Prepare to learn!


A lot of our wonderful followers said the best advice that they got was to stop being afraid to get new piercing and just go for it. This is solid advice, as 9 times out of 10 you will end up in LOVE with your new piercing and not regret it at all! Check out our collection of jewelry that is perfect for initial piercings to find a piece that you are so excited to wear you just have to go get that new piercing!


There was an overwhelming amount of answers that said the top advice they've ever received was not to use piercing guns! The reason for this is that guns use blunt force to shove the earring through the ear, creating jagged edges that are harder to heal than piercings done with hollow needles. Also, there is no way to fully sterilize or aim these guns, so you have a higher chance for infection and incorrect placement! 


Instead of sleeping on your unhealed piercing, which can cause all kinds of issues including irritation bumps and crooked piercings, invest in a travel pillow and sleep with your ear in the center!


SO many of you said this was the best advice you ever were told, and with good reason! Piercings are delicate and should be cared for as so. The less you touch it the better! Absolutely never turn your jewelry as this could rip the fistula (healing skin on the inside of the hole) and will prolong your healing time! Also, your hands are coated in bacteria that you deposit onto your piercing each time you touch  your piercing. 🦠


Using tea tree oil for bumps is something that a lot of piercers strongly advise against, BUT lots of people see a quick improvement in their piercing bump after using tea tree oil! To learn how to use it properly, click here.


We all know the temptations of picking off the crusties that come with a new or healing piercing, but its really important that you do not pick these off! They act as scabs which protect the healing flesh. If they drive your crazy being there, simply let your piercing out under the shower water for several minutes each day before you get out of the shower!


Using a saline spray such as Neil Med Piercing Aftercare is the best choice for fresh piercings! Simply spray 1-2 times a day and rock on ✨ If you add in some supplemental sea salt soaks, you'll be healed up in no time! For more on aftercare practices, see our aftercare blog!


This is sooo important guys! Find a reputable piercer in your area and be sure to do a lot of research before deciding to be pierced by them.


Some of you said the best advice you received was to find some cute jewelry! We have soooo many choices for any piercing here at Spirit Adornments and we know that you will love your piercings even MORE with adorable jewelry in every piercing! 🤩

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