The best first piercing to get - besides lobe piercings!

Many people start out with the most classic piercing - a set of lobe piercings. But, if you catch the bug and start to plan more and more piercings to get, where the heck do you start?! With so many options, choosing your first non-generic piercing can be difficult. 

We have reached out to our followers asking this very question: what piercing IS the best to get in terms of healing time and ease of care for a beginning piercing enthusiast?

Many people's first idea is a cartilage piercing. After all, they are probably the second most common next to lobe piercings, and they are one that lots of people choose to get early on in their piercing experiences. However, cartilage piercings tend to take a very long time to heal, and are quite easy to get caught on things like your hairbrush (can you say OUCH!?). They also have the tendency to act up if you accidentally sleep on them. This makes them not so good for beginners. By talking to lots of girls, having this experience with a piercing has turned quite a few of them off of the idea of piercings, period- many of them giving up after dealing with the temperamental cartilage piercing. 

So if you can't start with the second most popular, where do you turn? This is what our followers said: Belly button, or Tragus. 

Many said the belly button piercing is an ideal piercing to start out with. For most, it heals fairly quickly and there is virtually no pain while getting the piercing done. Not to mention, it is SUPER cute on everyone that gets it! You may want to consider choosing the next option though if you enjoy sleeping on your belly, as that pressure could affect your belly piercing.

So the winner ends up being the tragus piercing. Everyone we spoke to said they had no problems at all with their tragus piercing - most saying they were able to sleep on it with no adverse affects in as little as a week! The pain during the piercing is also minimal, and the healing time ends up being shorter than most other ear piercings. Just be sure that you wait until it is fully healed to change the jewelry!

With that, I would like to thank our followers for their feedback, and ask you guys to follow us @spiritadornments on Instagram so that you too can participate and share your opinion with us!

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