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Should You Get A New Piercing? Here Are 8 Things to Consider Before Making Your Appointment!

Piercings are a great way to treat yourself, but piercings take quite a bit more commitment than you might think, so you should be 100% certain you want to get one before jumping in! Here are 8 things to consider before making your next piercing appointment.

1. Why do you want the piercing?

Be sure you want the piercing because you actually want it, not because a friend got one, or someone said you should get one! Doing anything because someone else wants you to or thinks you should is normally not a great choice.

2. Are you prepared to care for it each and every day?

Piercings take consistent aftercare to properly heal. On top of that, most piercings take 3-6 months or up to a year to heal completely! You must be prepared to insert piercing care into your daily routines.

3. Have you found a reputable piercer?

Getting pierced by the first piercer you find can be a disaster! You need to research your piercer carefully- look through their portfolio and ensure they do good work, and ask past clients for their review of the piercer if possible. A great piercer will be more likely to give you a happy healthy piercing that is placed correctly and will heal more quickly than a piercer who does things willy nilly!

4. Can you change your lifestyle habits to allow the piercing to heal?

Along with aftercare, there are other lifestyle changes you may need to make in order to heal your new piercing! You should avoid swimming with a fresh piercing, as swimming pools or the ocean are not great for an open wound! 

You cannot sleep on an unhealed piecing either. Doing so could cause the piercing to heal sideways, make an unsightly bump, or migrate!

Eating a healthy diet will also help your new piercing heal faster!

5. Does your new piercing fit well with your other piercings?

Think about how your whole ear or nose will look with the new addition! Do you like it all together? Do they all flow? Is there too many for your taste, or do you appreciate how they all look together? If you do not love the look, you may want to rethink getting the new piercing.

6. Are you going to be allowed to show off the piercing at your work/school?

There is nothing worse than paying and caring for a new piercing only to be told you must take it out! Check your workplace/school's dress code before getting your new piercing.

You can hide a new piercing, but be careful that the method you use to do so does not disturb the healing process in any way!

7. Will you regret getting the piercing later on?

Piercings are not permanent like tattoos, but some piercings when taken out and allowed to close up will leave a small round indention/scar! Be sure that you will always like the piercing that you or getting, or that you are okay with a tiny blemish once you remove the piercing for good.

8. Do you know the proper name for the piercing you want?

Many piercing names are commonly mixed up! This makes sense, since the ear is such a complex part of the body. It would suck to go in and ask for a piercing, and then once its done find out its not the one you intended! Be sure that you have viewed an accurate chart and know what your desired piercing is actually called. We have a great diagram on our Instagram account!

Once you've considered these eight things, you're ready to book your appointment! And there's one more reason to get a new piercing... new jewelry! Spirit Adornments has a great selection of jewelry that can even be used in your initial piercings, so be sure to check that out here!

I hope you guys all have a great week!

Until Next Time,

Kourtney 🖤

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