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Septum Piercing Guide: Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Pierced!

The septum piercing has been around for ages, and is making it's stylish comeback now! 

Let's take look at some of the hottest septum piercing trends from our favorite piercers:


Here are a few looks that our customers have put together!

Septum Jewelry Septum Piercing Gold Opal Septum Ring Septum Piercings Septum piercing Guide

Tab is showing off our Front Facing Opal Seam Ring!

Vintage Scroll Hoop Septum Ring Septum Piercing Spirit Adornments Piercing Jewelry

Here is our Vintage Scroll Hoop

Septum Clicker Septum Hoop Septum Jewelry Septum Piercing Spirit Adornments Piercing Jewelry Septum Piercing Guide

Julka is proudly wearing our classic best selling Crown Clicker!

Now that you have some septum inspiration, lets get to the real information!

First and foremost if you want to get this piercing you need to ensure you have found a reputable piercer. This step is imperative for having a happy, healthy piercing! They should have a clean studio, proper credentials, and a large portfolio of previous work as well as positive reviews. This is SOOO important! If you need help finding a reputable piecer, check out this blog.

They should use a horseshoe that is internally threaded or a hoop made of 316L surgical steel, implant grade titanium, or niobium. Other materials will cause issues while healing and could cause further complications, so be sure to to check the materials used before getting pierced! To see our collection of jewelry that is suitable for initial piercings, click here. If you want to know more about what jewelry is safe for initial piercings, see this blog.

Your aftercare for a septum piercing is like any other piercing! A great saline spray 1-2+ times per day will do the trick. Lots of great piercers tell their clients about the LITHA aftercare method: LEAVE IT THE HELL ALONE! I love this so much because it is easy to remember and is so true! The less you touch your piercing the better. Touching it only puts germs on it which inhibits healing and could cause an infection. It's best to use your saline spray, then forget about the piercing until it's healed except for being conscious not to bump it. For more about perfect aftercare, see this blog!

The septum piercing takes 6-8 months to fully heal. You should leave in the jewelry you were pierced with until you are certain that your septum is fully healed! For more info on the stages of a healing piercing and how to tell when yours is fully healed, see this blog.

After you're all healed, the jewelry options are endless! You can use horseshoes, clickers, captive bead rings, seam rings, and more! Check out our full collection of septum piercing jewelry here>

As a final note, I would like to say that the septum piercing is NOT supposed to be pierced through the cartilage of the septum- it is supposed to be positioned just below it, through the soft flesh. This allows the piercing to heal much more easily! You will not have to worry about incorrect placement if you follow step one and find a reputable piercer!

I hope that you are feeling ready to conquer your septum piercing! Go ahead and make your appointments and plans for future jewelry! If you found this blog helpful or inspiring, please use the share buttons below- it would mean the world to us!

Until next time,

Kourtney 🖤


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