Piercing Jewelry Types & Sizing Information

With all the different types of body jewelry we carry it can be confusing to know what jewelry can be placed where! 

The most important aspect of selecting the correct jewelry is knowing what gauge your piercing is as well as what length stud or diameter hoop you need. After that, you will see that many different jewelry types can be used for each piercing! For example, if a person has a 20 gauge nostril piercing, they will be limited to 20 gauge nostril screws or 20 gauge L bend nose rings, whereas someone with a 16 gauge nostril piercing will have a wider selection of jewelry since they can wear any 16 gauge hoops or labrets!

If you have no idea what gauge/length/diameter your jewelry is, you can either measure it yourself or ask your piercer! Your piercer will be able to tell you the gauge and size of your jewelry with the most accuracy- as there is no standard on what gauge a piercer must use for each piercing. Another example- some people have their lobes pierced with 20 gauge jewelry whereas others may have it done with 16 gauge. Those with 16 gauge lobes can easily wear all kinds of hoop and clickers, but those with 20 gauge lobes would only be able to use push back studs or 20 gauge labrets/hoops unless they chose to stretch up just a few gauges.

Everyone's body is different, so the length and diameter that you need for a certain piercing will vary also! Some people need to have a 10mm labret for their conch, whereas others only need a 4mm long labret for the same piercing. If you at least know the gauge, you can buy the right piece and then use trial and error for the length if you cannot measure the jewelry that you already have in. We have spare labret backs in a variety of lengths to fit everyone! Or you can try out our labret sizing kit to find the right length for your 16 gauge piercings.

You now see the importance of knowing your jewelry size! If you need to measure your jewelry yourself, click here to see the gauge sizes converted into millimeters. The description of each item on our website will tell you what gauge, material, and diameter/length the item is as well as if the item is sold by piece or by pair so you can be certain that you get a great fit! 


The barbell comes in an array of shapes and sizes to fit almost any piercing. Tongue piercings, nipple piercings, navel piercings, eyebrow piercings, rook piercings, vertical labret piercings, and more use barbells!

Straight Barbells are used for nipple and tongue piercings, whereas curved barbells are used for rook, vertical labret and eyebrow piercings. Navel piercings also use curved barbells, just generally in a larger size.

Decorative Barbells have a design on one end and a ball on the other end. These are used mostly in ear piercings such as the lobe, helix, conch, or tragus!


Clickers are super cute and are great for septum and daith piercings! You can also use them in your lobes or helix piercings if the gauge is the same as your piercing.

Clickers can have a straight or a curved bar, and most people have no problem alternating between the two styles!


This category has all of our creative non-traditional 20 gauge earrings and threaders!  Our Threaders can be put through multiple lobe piercings or just one, and the ear climbers only need to be put through one piercing hole!


Any of these jewelry types can be used in a huge variety of piercings! As stated above the most important part of picking the right hoop is knowing the gauge and diameter that you need for your specific piercing. Jewelry in this category can be used in nipple, lip, nostril, septum, lobe, Tragus, forward helix, helix, daith, or conch piercings! 


This category contains all of our 20 gauge hoop earrings. These are great for standard lobe piercings! You can also use them for 20 gauge helix/tragus piercings.


Labrets are another jewelry type that can be used in virtually any piercing as long as the gauge & length is correct! They have a decorative top and a flat back. Uses include the lip, nostril, lobe, tragus, conch, forward helix, helix, and flat. Most of our labrets are internally threaded, but the descriptions will tell you the specifications of each!


Our nipple ring selection includes 14 gauge barbells, nipple shields, and nipple barbells with attachments!


Here we have our L bend nose rings and nostril screws, as well as 20 gauge hoops for nostril piercings. 

If you have a larger gauge nostril piercing, browse through our Labret or Hoops categories!


These are all of our traditional push back stud earrings! They are usually used in lobe piercings, but if you have a 20 gauge cartilage/helix/tragus piercing and prefer this jewelry type then you could also use them there!

I hope this is helpful when choosing your new adornments! If you still need help choosing what jewelry you need after reading this, contact us via email and we will do our very best to help you out 😊

Thanks for reading,

Kourtney 🖤

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