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Opal Piercings Style Guide!

Opal is a gorgeous choice for any piercing. You can choose to have opal in all of your piercings, just a few, or only one, and it will still look amazing. I guarantee you will receive compliments upon compliments on your opal pieces! 
This week I want to give a few pointers and tips on styling your own opal piercings!
Opals are SO beautiful and rich in color, it's hard NOT to love them in piercings! In this quadruple flat piercing, @staytruebodypiercing used 4 white opals in decreasing size to accentuate his client's ear. Adding opals in descending sizes is a great way to increase eye movement along the ear! 
@nicholasthegeezer created this masterpiece with aqua bullet ends from Anatometal in a nice icy blue color. It gives this ear an edgy look, while not becoming too bold! 
And there is NO rule that you have to use just opals! This set of ears by @bornclumsy pairs gorgeous purple opals with clear gems, and is a beautiful look!
Using gradient colors is another unique way to use opals in your piercings. Here, @ryandreyfuss uses three shades of pink for a pretty in pink triple forward helix!
If you love lots of piercings and want to create a more bold look, filling every piercing with matching opals is a fantastic choice! There is no way anyone won't see these bright green opals by @needlepusher!
If you like lots of piercings and a more elegant look, opt for mixing opals with gems, and choose smaller jewelry pieces to fill your piercings. the famous chandel-ear by @golden_gord is the perfect example of elegance while having a LOAD of piercings!
Lighter colored opals tend to keep your ears looking more elegant, while brighter colors will make your piercings more bold! This ear by @onpointpiercing does a great job maintaining elegance with white opals surrounded by gold, and also light purple opals surrounded by light purple as seen in the daith piercing!
Blue opals line the outside of this ear by @ashleypiercings for a very striking effect! They move with the natural anatomy of the war, enhancing and accentuating it!
Definitely do not be scared to mix opal colors! The black, blue, and green opals used on this lobe still pair nicely with her blush pink and purple jewelry, creating a fun multi-colored stylish look by @vickirosepiercing
So whether you want a sleek, bold, or rainbow look, opals are still a very beautiful option for you! To see our opal jewelry options, visit our Opal Collection. I hope that you will take this as inspiration and add a few opal beauties to your ears to enhance your piercings!
Until Next Week,
Kourtney 🖤


  • I love the green, I have always wanted all green but i think theyd clash with my blue/ grey eyes

    Claire Johnston
  • I love it there all my favorite

    Nellie Milano
  • I love it there all my favorite

    Nellie Milano

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