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Kourtney's Conch and Daith Piercing Experience in 2018: Days 1-3

Hey guys! This week we are going to start a mini series, as I have just gotten my conch and daith pierced! I thought it would be fun to kind of document my experience as they heal and that sort of thing.

I got my daith done on the left side, and my conch on the right, so I have completely eliminated the possibility of sleeping normally on either side. SCORE! Just kidding, but it will be worth it once they are beautifully healed.

The conch was first, and after two quick pops and a small wince the needle was through! I barely even felt the needle going through my daith.

Here are some pictures:

Conch Piercing Experience 2018 Daith Piercing Experience in 2018

My daith was pierced with a 16 gauge, 8mm 316L Surgical Steel horseshoe, and my conch with a 16 gauge 12mm 316L Surgical Steel curved barbell, to allow for swelling. The next piercings I get I am going to use titanium pieces, and we can then compare the healing process with each of the metals. It's good to note that I do not have any serious metal allergies, although my lobes get itchy and super uncomfortable if I try to wear earrings made of an alloy or other weird metal. 

The first day was normal, I could just feel that the piercings were there, and I was able to sleep on my left side (with the daith piercing) very normally! (I'm guessing this is because of how deep in the ear the piercing is!

I have been cleaning my piercings once a day in the evening with Dial Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap and warm water on a Q-Tip

Day 2 I began to feel the soreness, and my conch piercing was throbbing almost all night long because I accidentally bumped it while towel drying my hair. (OUCH, please try to avoid doing this!) I also slept with my hand under my head to keep all pressure off of my ear. Another way to do this is to use a Neck Pillow and sleep with your ear in the center opening!

On day 3 I began to get some bloody crusty pieces around the openings, and both piercings were feeling pretty sore, but not anything unbearable. For the most part I forget that they are there except for the occasional itch!

Im already dying to change out the jewelry, but will wait at least month before I downsize!

I hope you guys like this idea for a mini series! I plan to update you more frequently in the beginning and then less as frequently as the piercings get closer to being fully healed. I hope this gives some helpful insight to those of you thinking of getting these piercings! 

Until next week,

Kourtney 🖤


I am wearing our CZ Paved Huggie Hoop Earrings (1st Lobe), CZ Spike Huggie Hoop Earrings (2nd Lobe), Star Labret (Lower Helix), Opal Labret (Upper Helix), Marquise CZ Labret (Tragus) in case you are wondering! 😉


  • This is super helpful, looking forward to more in the future. :)

  • This is too funny!! I just got 2 in my conch last week Tuesday. I’m so glad you are documenting. I do the neck pillow at night…such an genius idea my girl friend told me. Daith or rook are next…I’m uber scared. Lol.

  • Thanks! I’ve been wanting to get my daith piercing done but have zero experience with this stuff. Good to know what I’m getting myself into lol!


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