MUST-HAVE Piercings for Summer 2018!

Summertime summertime! We just love it! The weather warms up, we get to go swimming with friends, and everyone even seems happier! We have lots of free time on our hands- and what does that mean? 
More piercings!
But before you head to your local piercing shop, you need to decide what to get pierced! Here are our top three Must-Have Piercings for Summer 2018!
Number One: Belly Button Piercing
must have piercings for summer 2018 piercings piercing jewelry belly ring belly button piercing jewelry
You simply cannot head into bikini season without a belly piercing! That's like having taco Tuesday with no tacos! With the diversity of belly rings, you are sure to find one to flatter your body and skyrocket your confidence! You can find our selection of belly rings HERE>
Number Two: Minimal Triple Helix Piercing
minimal triple helix piercing huggie hoops snug hoop earrings fitted earrings cartilage piercing
These minimal triple helix piercings are super popular, and it's easy to see why! They are the definition of elegance when it comes to piercings. Our Seamless Hinged Rings in the 6mm size are perfect for achieving this look 😍
Number Three: Flat Piercing
flat piercing cartilage piercing must have piercings for summer 2018 love piercings
Flat Piercings are a definite favorite here at Spirit Adornments, so we are glad to see that they are becoming more used! How could you not like the placement as it highlights both the piece of jewelry used and the unique curvature of your ear!? Any of our Labrets are suitable to place in this location ✨
I hope these top 3 MUST-HAVE Piercings for Summer 2018 have given you some inspiration, now pick up the phone and make those appointments!!
Much Love,
Kourtney 🖤

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