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Minimal Ears: How to Create the Look!

Minimal has been a popular style for piercings since well..... forever. In recent times it is growing rapidly! But there are a few things to remember when creating your minimal look. In this week's blog post I will share with you all of my tips and tricks for creating that envy worthy minimal ear!


You don't have to go to your piercer and get more piercings or take any piercings out to create a minimal look. This style is less about placement, and much more about jewelry choices! Here is a classic minimal ear by @htcmarilyn!

As you can see, a staple here is basic hoops and tiny dainty jewelry. That is really the secret to a cute minimal ear setup!

S M A L L   S T U D S

Small labrets are a great way to start creating your minimalist ear. 

As you can see in this ear by @wklp, small gems can add a whole new level to the minimal ear! You can even personalize it even further by adding tiny stars, hearts, or triangles. 

D A I N T Y   S E A M L E S S   H O O P S

The last piece to mastering the look is snagging some hoops! Theres no need to go for either super tight or super loose hoops, either one or a combination of the two most often looks beautiful! As you can see in this photo by @adriancastillo larger hoops at the bottom and smaller hoops as you go up the ear creates a nice look reminiscent of the natural shape of the ear.

D O N T   F O R G E T   T H E   L O B E S !

It is imperative that you do NOT neglect your lobes! Huggie Hoops are a fantastic choice for adding a bit of bling to your ear while keeping your look very minimal. Here is a gorgeous example by @reflectionsoflight.

I hope this has inspired you to go out and create a minimal look on your ears, if it's what your heart desires and what expresses you the most!

The jewelry in these photos is not Spirit Adornments jewelry, BUT we have a great selection of jewelry that can complete your minimal ear! I will link them below for anyone interested!

Until next week,

Kourtney 🖤

Small Round Prong Set Gem Labrets

Small Round Gem Labrets

Small Square Prong Set Gem Labrets

*Seamless Hinged Rings - are an absolute ESSENTIAL for any ear style!

CZ Huggie Hoops



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  • Although it may not be necessary for some to create more holes, my left ear has some overlarge holes that won’t csrry earrings well,and my idea was to have piercings in the type of places shown in your beautiful pictures and to have small earrings. I actually bought a beautiful set from USA based on ear stickers which can be reversed, so this has been inspiring as it helpfully assists with arsthetic placement of different earring types. Currently look for a new piercer in Perth WA to assist. Thank you

    Michele Dobb

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