Learn Your Ear Piercings In 2018

With so many names and terms involved with piercings and their jewelry, it can be very hard to know what is what! We understand, and we have put together this little cheat sheet for you! Feel free to share 🙃
Underneath we have broken up some misconceptions and clarified the jewelry types that you can use in each piercing!
Ear Piercings Diagram in 21018
Lets start at the top!
The helix piercing is commonly called a "cartilage" piercing. This is an incorrect term because technically any piercing besides the lobes are cartilage piercings, as they are pierced through the cartilage!
Jewelry Types: Labrets, Hoops, Clickers, Horseshoes
Jewelry Pictured: CZ Curve Labret
The Industrial is also known as a scaffolding piercing! Some people may not have the anatomy for this piercing. Vertical or bent variations also exist!
Jewelry Types: Specifically the industrial barbell, or any barbell long enough
Jewelry Pictured: Triple Notched Industrial in Rose Gold
Flat piercings are increasing in popularity, and with good reason! They are a great alternative to those who don't have the anatomy for the traditional industrial or for those who want something more than traditional helix piercings!
Jewelry Types: Labrets
Jewelry Pictured: (Left to Right) Snowflake Labret, Hollow CZ Flower Labret, Marquise CZ Labret
This is another piercing that s becoming more and more popular! 
Jewelry Types: Small Hoops, Small Clickers, Curved Barbells, Some Labrets
Jewelry Pictured: CZ Curved Barbell
Jewelry Types: Hoops, Clickers, Labrets, Horseshoes
Jewelry Pictured: Seamless Hinged Ring (6mm)
Jewelry Types: Hoops, Clickers, Labrets
Jewelry Pictured: Flower Labret
Jewelry Types: Clickers, Hoops, Horseshoes
Jewelry Pictured: CZ Round Clicker
Jewelry Types: Hoops, Labrets
Jewelry Pictured: Arabelle Hoop
Jewelry Types: Labrets, Hoops, Horseshoes
Jewelry Pictured: Diamond Labret
This piercing is SUPER unique, and adds a flair to your ear! Some people may not have the anatomy for this piercing.
Jewelry Types: Hoops, Curved Barbells
Jewelry Pictured: Seamless Hinged Ring (6mm)
Jewelry Types: Hoops, Horseshoes, Labrets
Jewelry Pictured: Rose Gold Labret
The options here are ENDLESS! Please do not neglect your beautiful lobes!
Jewelry Types: Earrings, Hoops, Labrets, Horseshoes
Jewelry Pictured: CZ Huggie Hoop Earrings (1st Lobe) Dainty Minimalist Seam Ring (2nd-4th Lobes, sizes 8mm, 6mm, 6mm)
I hope this has been helpful for you all!
Until next week,
Kourtney 🖤

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