Kourtney's Conch, Daith (+3 Flat) Piercing Experience: Days 4-16

Hey guys! Its time for an update on my conch and daith piercing healing experience! 😊

The last update was days 1-3, be sure to check that out before reading this one!

Just a little recap: I got my daith and conch pierced on opposite sides on July 25th for my birthday! This mini-series of blog posts follows my healing journey and experiences for those of you who want to know what healing these specific piercings is like.

So... on day 9 my mother in law decided she wanted to get her tragus and rook pierced and I went with her. Now when you're already in a piercing shop with money in hand what do you do? YOU SPONTANEOUSLY GET THREE MORE PIERCINGS! I decided on three flat piercings, or deep helixes, on the same side that I got my daith. I got pierced with 316L Surgical Steel jewelry in both, and have been cleaning them with antibacterial soap mixed with warm water on a q tip 1-2 times per day.

Here are pictures from day 17!

Kourtney's Piercings Kourtney's Piercings 

Alright now lets go back to days 4-8.

The main struggle during this time is finding a comfortable way to sleep! With each day that passes, it gets easier and by day 8 it's no problem to sleep on the side with my daith piercing. 

Day 9 rolls around and that evening I decide to throw in three more piercings for my body to heal, on top of the tattoo and other 2 piercings I got 9 days before. Crazy, maybe, but why not?! 🤷🏻‍♀️ These three flat piercings were pretty tough. Its a very thick area, and if you want to get these I highly recommend being sure your piercer uses labrets at least 10mm long, as there is lots of swelling on top of the natural thickness of that area.

My piercer started with the bottom one, and worked her way up. the last one was definitely the most tender. They bled a LOT but the pain was nothing out of the ordinary pinch!

Since I added three to the side with my daith I can no longer sleep on that side. Thankfully it only takes about two days before my conch feels good enough to be able to sleep on the side with it, so I'm only SOL for one or two nights!

Day 10: I learned the hard way that its easy to whack the back of the flat piercings while shampooing my hair....

Day 11: The three flat piercings throb a lot throughout the whole day. It's not unbearable, just enough to be noticed all day long. My conch is feeling pretty great, as well as my daith. 

Days 12-15: Pretty peachy, everything's healing beautifully! Somewhere around day 12 my conch starts itching a lot, which is a sign that it is healing. A day or so after my daith follows suit and also begins itching like CRAZY but its important not to scratch them- usually when they get unbearably itchy I just go clean them and they feel better. 

Day 16:  I keep hitting the long barbell in my conch, so I choose to switch it out to a Titanium Trinity Swavorski Crystal Trinity Labret. My triple is at the point where the labrets slide back and forth without hurting, though the very top and very bottom ones are still very tender. I am NOT sleeping on them, to sleep on that side I use my neck pillow or tuck my ear between parts of my bent arm to keep any pressure off of it. 

All 5 of them are beginning to get crusties now, a normal sign of good healing! 


I hope this encourages some of you not to be scared and just to go GET that new piercing you want!

I will update you guys again in about two weeks! 😘

Until next week,

Kourtney 🖤

Jewelry Pictured:

Helix #1: Colored Gem Labret

Helix #2: Opal Labret in White

Conch: Titanium Swavorski Crystal Trinity Labret

2nd Lobe: Seamless Hinged Ring

1st Lobe: Handcuff Earring

Other 2nd Lobe: Black CZ Small Triangle Earring

Other 1st Lobe: CZ Spike Huggie Hoop Earring 

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