How to Style a Daith Piercing

Daith piercings are one of those up and coming piercings that everyone is hyped up about, and eager to get. I mean, who doesn't want a beautiful piece of metal tucked into their ear, accentuating the natural anatomy?

There are many options when choosing the right style of jewelry for your daith piercing. You have circular or horseshoe barbells, curved barbells, captive bead rings, segment hoops, clickers, and still more! And beyond just the kind of ring you choose, there are thousands of designs to pick from! 

First, you need to know what gauge your daith piercing was pierced with. Most times, these piercings are done with a 16 gauge or 14 gauge needle, but if you are not sure you can always call your piercer and ask them to confirm what size they use!

Then you need to find the right type of metal for you. Some people swear by titanium, gold, or white gold jewelry, but if you're an ordinary girl like me, chances are you don't have that type of cash sitting around to spend on piercings. Less expensive options include surgical stainless steel or sterling silver. These metals rarely ever cause any irritation or infections whereas cheaper metals may cause adverse reactions.

The next step is to examine your ear and decide which shape of jewelry you want, based on how it will look and ho comfortable it will be to sleep with. Now, the only step left is to find a design that you absolutely LOVE and want to show off in your lovely daith! Be sure to consider how this piece will fit with your other piercings that you have, or have planned to get.

Here are some of my absolute favorite daith styles:

- A plain horseshoe or circular barbell

Plain horseshoe barbell in daith piercing

- A captive bead ring. If you like the ring look, we have tons of styles available here:

- A heart in the daith piercing is ultra cute! We have several heart hoops available here:

Heart in daith piercing

- You can never go wrong with a cute clicker! Get this one here: 

clicker in daith piercing

- Or try a more bold clicker!

bold clicker in daith piercing


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