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How to Hide Your Piercings Like a PRO

Most pierce people will encounter a time in their life where they have to hide one or more of their piercings! This week, we're sharing our best tips and tricks to hide your piercing like a PRO.

#1: Retainers

Most of the time the piercing itself is not what draws attention- it's the beauty and flashiness of the jewelry in the piercing that catches the eye!

You can find a clear retainer for almost any piercing! This makes the piercing not noticeable at all. We have a selection of retainers that you can find here on our site as well.

#2: Skin Colored Jewlery

This is a newer method, but we have released a collection of labrets that are  flesh colored in a few different shades! With one of these babes in your piercing will blend in just like you need it to!

#3: Bandaid

This is not ideal as far as comfort goes, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. You can cut a piece of band-aid to fit perfectly over your piercing and use this as a cover up! No one will know what is hidden underneath! You should not do this is your piercing is not healed though, as healing piercings need to breathe to heal properly!

#4: Long Hair

If you are in a setting where you can wear your hair down, you can easily hide your piercings under your long hair! Invest in a straightener, hair curler, or go natural to rock this look!

#5: Concealer

If your piercing is healed and you have relatively flat jewelry in it, you can use a good concealer to blend the piercing in with your skin. This should not be done on an everyday basis though- this tip is only for occasional use. Makeup could really irritate your piercing if it is not thoroughly cleaned off, so be sure to get all of it off of your jewelry and from around the piercing when you no longer need to hide it!

#6: Plain Jewelry

As stated above, flashy jewelry is what gets piercings noticed! Therefore if you can find some small, not super flashy jewelry and put your bold stuff aside for a while your piercings may go unnoticed!

#7: Horseshoes For The Septum

If you're trying to hide a septum piercing, you can easily do so by wearing a horseshoe in the piercing. Horseshoes allow you to simply flip up the piercing when you don't want it to be visible!

I hope that you find these tips useful, and if you did feel free to share them using the buttons below! We would really appreciate it 😊

Until next week,

Kourtney 🖤

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  • I don’t see a customer service link immediately available, so I am leaving this query as a blog post comment. The bat septum ring you have for sale here ( is a direct copy of an original design by Arcana Obscura, made over a year ago. Can you explain why you are selling a copied design on your site, without crediting or paying the original designer for their design?

    J Jones

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