How to Avoid Bumping Your New Piercing

When you get a new piercing it can be difficult to be sure that you don't bump it on everything! It takes a while to get used to knowing the piercing is there and to keep it out of harms way naturally. In the beginning, its helpful to always be mindful that you have this new piercing so that you don't hit it. Bumping your piercing even once can cause it to take longer to heal, along with other possible complications such as the dreaded piercing bump, and no one wants that!

So how do you do this?

When you're doing anything around the piercing area, be extremely careful and slow with whatever you are doing. Your caution is the only thing you can control!

When getting dressed or undressed, make sure to pull the neck hole of your shirts FAR around your ears or it could catch your earrings!

Wear lower rise pants to avoid irritating your healing belly piercing.

If you're going to your hairdresser, be sure to tell them to watch out for your ear piercings while cutting/brushing/styling your hair. If one of their tools catches your piercing it could be quite painful!

Tell your significant other to be careful not to bump the area and be sure to remind them every few days in case they forget!

If you use a loofah in the shower, do not loofah over your new body piercings! They will most likely get stuck in the loofah and cause you a bunch of pain. Wash your piercing with only your saline spray or clean hands!

Be careful when hugging family and friends, as its easy to mindlessly press your ear against them until you remember you've got a fresh piercing there!

Eventually, it will become second nature for you to keep your piercing away from any potential bumping- soon after your piercing will be beautifully healed! Remember that the less bumping, the easier the healing.

I hope this short and sweet blog inspires you to think of all of the ways to avoid hitting your piercing so that you can heal quickly and safely! If you can think of any further tips, please leave them in the comments below for everyone to read!

Until next week,

Kourtney 🖤


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