Don't Forget Your Lobes!

It's easy to curate the cartilage of your ears, but many people neglect their lobes! 
So we have collected several inspiration pictures for you to gather ideas for your lobes!! 
As you can see in this gorgeous ear by @adriancastillo your lobes have super potential to be the most beautiful part of your curated ear!
This ear shown by @piercing_insp and done by Envy Body Piercing features a delicate theme with a moon and stars!
@feliciakayfeline is a master of stacked lobes like this one! Try putting two smaller hoops in one hole for an extra stacked look.
The lobes have a lot of space that you can fill with beautiful jewelry! Take @rachelatworld's ear for example! She has fit 4 cute pieces of jewelry in her lobe.
@jessii_cattt_piercing is the QUEEN of what the kids call "constellation" piercings! This is a beautiful use of space for your lobes. You can even change it up on either side!
A simple trio is always cute as well, like in this ear by @ashleypiercings! It adds a unique touch without overloading the space.
I hope these ears have given you an idea to use on your own lobes! Most importantly, I hope it has inspired you not to neglect your lobes!!!
Until next week,
Kourtney 🖤

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  • i have had my lines pierced for 9 years and yesterday i pierced a second hole on my loved by myself


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