Daith Piercings for Migraines

It sounds so wonderful to be able to have something so cute cure your migraines, doesn't it? But- there is a large debate about whether or not daith piercings actually help with migraines.
The assumption that daith piercings can cure these headaches is based on ancient acupuncture techniques. If and when the jewelry is placed in the exact correct spot one may feel relief from their migraines. However, it may be unlikely for a piercer that is uneducated in acupuncture to be able to find or hit this bullseye.
Another popular argument is that getting a daith piercing is akin to taking placebo pills and still feeling the result, i.e., the patient believes the daith piercing has helped their migraines, and so it has.
If you struggle with migraines you should give this piercing a shot. If it doesn't help you at least it is still a super cute piercing! Or you could simply take it out. One piercing is worth the possibility of the relief from your pain if nothing else is working for you.
There are dozens of positive reviews all over the internet talking about how this beautiful piercing has relieved peoples pain. It cant hurt to give it a shot! After all, it surely wont make your pain worse.
Have you tried this method for relieving your migraines? Tell us your results in the comments, and share a picture of your daith piercing!


  • I have talk with two people with this piercing and they give it two thumps up! Glad to hear these comments as I. Consider this procedure for my daughter

    Sue Parker
  • I had migraines 2-4 times a week since I was about 7/8yrs old. I got my Daith done about 5 months ago… and I have had 1 small migraine in the beginning… I have been able to reduce my daytime meds in1/2 so far. Working on night time now!! Best thing I have ever done!!! Life saver…. been on all kinds of meds in the pasts!! I am a believer!!!!!

    Kimi Muldoon
  • I used to have frequent migraines. In October I had a daith piercing. I’ve had 1 migraine since. It’s been effective for me.

    Brenda Poliues

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