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Daith Piercings: Your Complete Guide

The daith piercing is quickly becoming one of the most sought after piercing styles! This is largely due to it's unique look, but also because many people who suffer from migraines seek relief through this piercing.

Word has spread that the daith piercing can ease or stop migraines! While there is no hard scientific evidence that this is true, many people feel relief after getting this piercing. Will it work for you? There's only one way to find out! Get the piercing and even if it doesn't work you're left with an adorable new adornment.


Below are some of our favorite daith piercing pics for inspiration! Daith piercings can be worn with a variety of jewelry, each changing the final look. You can use clickers, captive bead rings, seam rings, or curved barbells in your daith piercing. If you have enough room, you can even do a double daith piercing!

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Generally daith piercings are done with a simple hoop or a curved barbell for the initial healing process. Clickers are usually saved for healed daith piercings because the extra weight could cause issues during the healing process.

Your piercer will most likely have you lay down so that they have better access to the inner part of your ear. They'll have you inhale, and then on your exhale they will put the needle through! This part will be just a quick pinch, but of course the feeling will vary from person to person.

That's it!

Your new piercing will take from 4-12 months to fully heal.


To care for your daith piercing you only need to abide by a few simple rules:

1) Use a saline spray 1-2 times per day (We love NeilMed Piercing Aftercare or H2Ocean)

2) LITHA or Leave It The Hell Alone! Your hands are covered in germs and bacteria that will be deposited onto your piercing every single time you touch it! (yuck! 🤢)

For more aftercare information click here.

Generally you want to avoid sleeping on your fresh piercings at all costs, but the daith piercing is an exception for some people. If you can lay on that side and feel no pressure on your daith piercing then you will be okay sleeping on that side, since the piercing is so far inside the ear! If you DO feel pressure, then you need to either stop sleeping on that side or get yourself a travel pillow and sleep with your ear in the center so no pressure will be placed on it.


Its important to be aware before getting your daith pierced that some people are unable to wear in-ear headphones after getting the piercing. Once it is healed, you may be able to flip the jewelry up and resume wearing headphones. If you're concerned about this, it's best to speak with your piercer and get their opinion on whether your ear's anatomy will allow you to still use headphones with your daith piercing or not!

Piercing bumps can be an issue for any piercing including the daith, but with proper identification of the type of bump and appropriate treatment, you can clear them up in no time!

I hope you guys are inspired and feeling excited about getting your new piercing! As always, if you have any blog topic requests please leave them in the comments below! 😊

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  • I love my faith piercing!!! That being said it hurts a lot getting it done!! It heals quickly though!! I cannot put my earrings in, I need help… but I love it.

    Ann Crossley

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