Conch Piercings Style Guide

It's no secret that the conch piercing is one of the most beautiful piercings one can have! The placement is so unique, and can be subtle or bold depending on your personal preference. Today I wanted to share with you some of my absolute favorite conch piercings to inspire you, make you want one (or a second/third), and make you love the one you already have more than ever!

You cannot go wrong with a traditional single conch piercing with a labret stud!

Photo credits: @wklp

If you want to add some flat to your single conch piercing- a hoop is definitely the way to go!

Photo credits: @johnnypearce

These Crystal Paved Seamless Hinged Rings create an absolutely draw dropping look in a double conch!

Photo credits: @spiritadornments

If you're going for a little bit MORE, a triple may be perfect for you! Opt to put them in a line- or a triangular shape may provide a little more of a unique look.

Photo credits: @piercer_charlies_creations

Photo credits: @piercingbywilliam

This gorgeous pair of delicate labrets in the conch is a great setup as well and keeps the ear looking very minimal!

Photo credits: @aliya_schwengler

Moral of the story, there's never such a thing as too many conch piercings! So how many ever your heart desires, go out and make it happen! 🖤

Photo credit: @holierthanthoumanchester

Until next week,

Kourtney 💕

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