BODY JEWELRY GUIDE: How to Open, Install, and Close Your Jewelry

Piercing jewelry can be confusing and now that you know the types of jewelry from our previous blog, it's time to show you how it all works!


Labrets have a flat back and have either an internally threaded (shown) top, externally threaded top, or a threadless top. This video shows how to use the internally threaded type!

 If you have trouble with your labret and you cannot get in unscrewed, try using a rubber glove for assistance! It will also you to grip the jewelry better without hurting your fingers.


You may encounter another difficulty when changing your labrets- getting them into the hole from the back! A taper takes the stress off and makes it a breeze to insert your new jewelry! Plus, you can use this method with  many kinds of jewelry, not just labrets.



Barbells are used in a wide variety of piercings! Here we will look at an externally threaded decorative barbell meant for your ear piercings and also an internally threaded curved barbell used in a rook.



 HOOPS | Seam & Seamless Hinged Rings

These hoop types are the most commonly used in piercing jewelry!

A seam ring is so be twisted open/closed as shown in this helix piercing video:

 While a Seamless Hinged Ring has an easy to use clicker type closure! Click play to see it used in a conch piercing.



Captive Bead Rings are undoubtedly the most difficult jewelry to master, but once you get the hang of it you'll be able to insert and remove them like a pro!

 If you can't get the bead out with your hands, a captive bead ring tool will do the trick!



Clickers are mostly used in daith, lobe, helix, or septum piercings as shown!


If you cannot pull your clicker open, you can also use the captive bead ring tool on it.

If you are unable to get your hands on these, you can also use a pair of scissors very carefully like this:



Sometimes our hoop earrings are confusing to new customers, so here is a demo of those as well!


Is there a jewelry type that you would like to see a how-to on? Leave us a note in the comments below, and please share this blog if you learned from it! 😊

Until next week,

Kourtney 🖤

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