A Guide to Nose Rings

It can be really intimidating trying to learn all of the different lingo when it comes to piercing jewelry. A few weeks back we covered the different types of hoops, now let's cover the types of nose rings. You have five main categories: screw, L bend, fishbone, stud, and hoops. Now lets look at these in detail!

Nose Screw:

Nose screws are perfect for people who do not change their jewelry very often and it is recommended that you see your piercer to put one of these in for the first time. They're also the most suitable for people with an active lifestyle who don't want to remove the jewelry because of the secure fit that the screw shape allow.

L Bend Nose Ring:

L Bend nose rings are perfect for people who do want to change their jewelry often, as they are easier to remove. That being said, they are also much easier to lose! I cannot even remember how many I have lost in the shower... But they are my favorite because I love to switch out my jewelry often.

Nose Stud:

These are intended for fully healed nose piercings ONLY. They are just pushed through the piercing and the little ball on the end keeps it in place. These are ideal for people who don't like to feel the ends of the screws or L bend nose rings moving around inside their nose!


Fishbones, when bought, are entirely too long for your nostril piercing. They are to be taken in to your piercer, who will measure your nose and then make either an L bend or a screw that is just the right length for your specific piercing.


These are self-explanatory, you just slide it in from the inside of your nostril and taa-daa! You now have a beautiful nose hoop! Just make sure the diameter of the hoop fits your specific piercing.

I hope this helps you when you are picking your next nostril jewelry! Let us know in the comments what other guides you would like to see! You can find our selection of nose rings HERE.

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  • Is it better to have like 14k gold hoop or some kind of stainless steel with gold overlay? Mine has been pierced for approximately 3 months now and I want to switch to a hoop now… am I safe to do so now?

    Kimi Muldoon

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