A Complete Guide to the Helix Piercing

The helix piercing is most peoples first non-lobe piercing! Many people also get it done before knowing the care that a fresh helix piercing requires.

Helix piercings go through the cartilage of your ear, where there is less blood flow than in the lobes. This is why non lobe piercings take much longer to heal up! You can expect your helix piercing to take anywhere from 6 months to 12 months to fully heal, depending on how consistent you are in your aftercare practices.

Aftercare doesn't have to be complicated though- I suggest a gentle saline spray such as NeilMed Piercing Aftercare. Use it once in the morning and once in the evening after rinsing your piercing under warm water in the shower to remove any crusties. For more detailed aftercare instructions see this blog.

If you decide that you can tackle these aftercare practices like a pro, you need to know what to expect once you get to the studio! If you tend to get anxious, take a friend or parent with you for support. Theres no need to be scared- you will be totally glad you went through with getting the piercing once it's done. You'll go in, they'll ask for you to fill out some paperwork, and once its our turn you'll go back to the piercing area and either sit or lay down (whichever the piercer prefers or you ask for). They will prep their tools and mark your ear. Be sure to check that the mark is exactly where you want the piercing, because you can't move it once it's pierced!

Once you're ready the piercer will have you inhale, and on your exhale they will promptly pierce your helix. If your piercer is a pro, you shouldn't feel much! Our followers rated the pain of the helix piercing an average of 3 on a scale of 1-10.

Make sure you have done your research and selected an experienced, professional piercer with lots of previous work and reviews to show!

It's also good to know that you don't have to be pierced with plain initial jewelry! There are plenty of options to choose from for initial jewelry as long as they are made of an implant grade material, internally threaded or threadless, and not plated with any other materials. We have a great selection available for initial piercings that you can find here! You should refrain from using a hoop as your initial piercing jewelry unless you have discussed doing so with your piercer and you have both decided it is acceptable for you to do so. The reason being that it is much more difficult and tricky to heal a piercing with a hoop versus a straight bar such as a labret or barbell!

After you're pierced, you're free to go! Be sure to admire your new adornment each time you catch a view of it in the next few weeks.

If you develop a 'piercing bump' during healing, don't fret. This helpful blog will give you all of the treatment options. It is also normal for helix piercings to bounce between feeling healed and being sore! You can learn all about the stages of a healing piercing here.

Once your helix piercing is healed, there is a world of options that you can use for jewelry! The helix piercing may actually be the piercing with the most jewelry type options. I want to note here that you should not wear a super snug hoop or snug labret until your piercing is 100% healed and won't swell or flare up again! A flare up with a snug labret could result in the back being buried in your skin, and with a small hoop the issues are equally as painful. Just steer clear of those until you're 100% healed!

If you like hoops, you can use captive bead rings, seam rings, or even clickers!

Horseshoes are also a super cute option!

As for studs, labrets or barbells will be your best friend!

And don't forget about all of the chains or charms that you can add on! 🤩

If you don't think you want to end up getting a helix piercing, faux piercing cuffs are a great alternative for you!

I hope that you feel excited to get a helix piercing, or that you have remembered your love for your existing one(s)! If you enjoyed this blog it would mean the world to me if you shared it using one of the buttons!

Until next week,

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