5 Things to AVOID When Getting A New Piercing

We all know the thrill of getting a new piercing! Once you decide what to get, you can't wait to get it and you may become impatient. As excited as you are, and with so many options, it is important to know what you should AVOID when picking a piercing studio, piercer, and your aftercare routine! I'm going to share with you the top five things to avoid when getting your new piercing.


I cannot stress enough how important it is that you never ever get a piercing done with a piercing gun. They are not sanitary as there is no way to clean them adequately and they cause a puncture wound, not a correct piercing of the skin.


A fresh piercing needs room to swell. The initial jewelry that you are pierced with should be much larger than the correct fitted size for your piercing. It is a huge warning sign if your piercer does not account for this swelling when choosing initial jewelry.


Your aftercare is one of the most important things for your new piercing. Alcohol based cleaners are horrible for fresh piercings because it dries out the skin causing itching and irritation which halts the progress of healing. Avoid these at all costs!


Initial piercing jewelry needs to be implant or surgical grade metals like titanium and surgical steel. If a low quality metal is used the chances irritation or infection are much higher than if a high quality metal is used. Always be sure to ask your piercer what their initial jewelry is made of!


This is the HARDEST thing to avoid, but very important! If you change your jewelry too soon your piercing could develop irritations or keloids. It is important to let your piercing heal completely before changing the jewelry, even though it is so hard not to want to put your cute jewelry in place of that basic stuff!


I hope you take this advice and use it for yourself and also let your friends know what to avoid when they get their piercings as well!


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