5 Steps to PERFECTLY Curated Ear Piercings in 2018

Let start by discussing exactly what a 'curated' ear is! This is simply a term that means one's ear piercings are well planned out, with the placements strategically picked to achieve a certain look.

S T E P  O N E

The first thing to do when trying to achieve a great curated ear look is to decide on a theme for your ears.

Think about things like whether you prefer opals or gems, or a mix of both. Do you like a LOT of piercings or just a few? Do you like your piercings bunched together or spaced out? Do you want to have a certain color theme, like maybe pink or aqua, or do you want just a pop of color? Do you like small and dainty jewelry, or large and in your face? Dangling or non? Hoops or studs? Large hoops or snug hoops? Gold, rose gold, silver, or black? Symmetrical or asymmetrical?

You can even go so far as to plan to stick with a 'galaxy' or 'space' theme! ANYTHING is possible when picking a theme! Be sure to write down your preferences so you can stick with them, as this is the key to a fantastic set of ear piercings. 

S T E P  T W O

Now you need to think about what piercings you want to add and their placement. You need to be sure that none are in conflicting areas. For example, if you get a rook and a daith done on the same ear, you may have problems if your rook has a curved barbell in it because it may overlap your daith ring. This is also the stage where you decide if you want multiples of any piercings in one place. For example- a triple forward helix or triple conch piercing! Also consider that most people will be seeing you from the front and not the side, so be sure that when you are planning you think about your specific ear anatomy and what people will and won't be able to see. We don't want labrets sticking out of your ears at weird angles!

S T E P  T H R E E

Grab your printer, pencil, or friend with mad art skills for this next part! We are going to draw it out! Either draw yourself a set of ears or simply print some off the web. Next, draw on any piercings you have already! I suggest using just dots to represent piercings so you are able to have an open mind for our next step!

Now add the piercings you decided on in step two. It's important to remember that nothing is concrete at this point! It is as easy as taking your eraser and moving something that you don't like, or that doesn't flow with the rest of your plan, and trying something else! Do this until you have settled with placements you absolutely love.

*DON'T neglect your lobes! They need to be planned too!

S T E P  F O U R

Pick your jewelry. This is where you integrate whether you want hoops or labrets, studs or dangling earrings, large hoops or snug hoops, and your chosen metal color. Work with your piercer, or find a reputable store or online shop where you can get jewelry made from 316L Surgical Steel or implant grade Titanium if you are planning to use them in initial or unhealed piercings. Grab your notes from step one, and pick out jewelry for each piercing that meets your theme!

S T E P  F I V E

Confirm your plans with your piercer to ensure that your anatomy is safe for what you have planned. Now all thats left to do is GET PIERCED! 😍

Congratulations! You now have gorgeous envy-worthy ears!

I truly hope you guys find this helpful!
Much love,

Kourtney 🖤

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