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5 of the Cutest Piercings You've NEVER Heard of!

We've all seen the stereotypical cutesy cartilage and tragus piercings, but there are many more options out there that are WAY more unique, and take your look to the next level! SO here are the 5 cutest piercings you have NEVER heard of.

1. Septril

septril piercing unique piercing nose piercing cute piercings

This piercing is a very neat twist on the traditional septum piercing. If you plan to get this one be super sure you find a professional piercer that has performed this piercing before- as it is very tricky and requires the piercer to go through the septum and then the tip of the nose!

2. Transverse Lobe

transverse lobe piercing lobe piercing unique piercings cutest piercings

I LOVE this form of lobe piercing. It looks so awesome, and edgy, especially when paired with these black opals! Imagine this paired with a few traditional lobe piercings and a conch with a matching opal captive bead ring in it! 😍

3. Orbital

 piercing orbital piercing cute piercing unique piercing trendy piercing

Orbital piercings are the bomb. They are SO cute, and you can place them just about ANYWHERE. Try an orbital from flat to conch or if you're really brave, try tragus to anti-tragus! 

4. Anti-tragus

anti tragus piercing unique piercing cute piercing

Speaking of the anti-tragus, it is our next piercing. This would look so cute with a flower end or an opal like this one! Its a less mainstream twist on the normal tragus piercing.

5.Upper Frenelum or Smiley

frenelum piercing mouth piercing unique piercing cute piercing

This peek-a-boo piercing is a must have for anyone who wants a surprise piercing. Most of the time they are only visible when smiling, hence the name "smiley" piercing, and this makes an adorable touch to anyone's smile!

 What do you think of these gorgeous piercings? I hope these have sparked some brand new creative ideas for your piercing plans! 

Until next week,

Kourtney 🖤


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