15 Septum Rings Under $25

Septum rings are a sensation right now, with more and more people getting the piercing each day! Since so many people have it, in order to stand out you have to have some BOMB jewelry. Luckily, we have just the pieces, and for under $25!

Here are our top 15 Septum Piercing Jewelry contenders: 

#1: The Twisted Hoop

The Twisted Hoop is a minimal style that adds texture to your septum piercing. It's available in Gold or Silver in 8mm or 10mm to provide the best fit possible! Whether you like your septum ring snug or loose, this is a cute piece for you priced at just $4!

Twisted Septum Ring Septum Piercing Jewelry Septum Hoop

#2: The Sunrise Hoop

This cute features a row of crystals along the bottom half of a seam ring. It is $9.99 and packs a punch of style in three different colors!

#3: The Crown Clicker

This bold clicker boasts large gems to make your septum piercing get noticed! It is priced at $9.99!

#4: The Front Facing Opal Seam Ring

A minimalist design- this cute seam ring's main asset is three white opals with lots of flash in the light! This essential septum ring is just $9.99!

Opal Septum Ring Opal Seam Ring Opal Body Jewelry Opal Piercing Jewelry Opal Septum Hoop

#5: The Zeus Clicker

If you're looking for a truly striking piece that isn't too bulky the Zeus Clicker should be your go-to! This design features prong set crystals and clicker type closure. This piece is priced at just $11.99.

Septum Clicker Crystal Septum Clicker Gem Septum Ring Septum Hoop Septum Jewlery

#6: The Vintage Scroll Hoop

This jewelry is one of the most unique septum rings! A beautiful scroll design adorns this seam ring in three different colors and costs just $7.99!

Unique Septum Ring Septum Hoop Septum Jewelry Rose Gold Septum Ring Silver Septum Ring

#7: The Drop Hinged Seam Ring

A minimalist fave, this retro septum ring creates a gently point that nicely frames your septum piercing! It comes in silver, gold, or rose gold and costs $11.99!

Minimal Septum Jewelry Septum Ring Septum Hoop Septum Clicker Septum Piercings

#8: The Toledo Clicker

An intricate work of art, the Toledo Clicker features an intricate beaded design that comes to a head with a grouping of four gems and a cute scroll design to adorn the bottom of the piece. This jewelry costs just $13.99 and will be a show stopper!

Gold Septum Ring Septum Hoop Big Septum Jewelry Cute Septum Piercings Bold Septums

#9: The Cecile Clicker

This jewelry is unique because instead of the typical round cut gems, it features an array of baguette cut crystals on an easy to use hinged closure system! It is just $15.99 and will definitely earn you lots of compliments!

Crystal Septum Ring Unique Septum Jewelry Unique Septum Piercing Unique Septums

#10: The Gemma Stacked Clicker

Stacked clickers have always been popular- and the Gemma Stacked Clicker is no exception! It adds on to a classic by having the middle row paved with small crystals for a beautiful finished effect! It costs $19.99.

Row Clicker Septum Ring Crystal Septum Gem Septum Ring Septum Piercing Jewelry

#11: The Marquise Fan Hinged Seam Ring

5 marquise cut gems fan out creating a sparkling array of beauty that is curved just right for your septum! This gemmy beauty is just $11.99!

Marquise Septum Jewelry Septum Hoop Septum Piercings Septum Ring

#12: The Gold Chain Seam Ring

Chains have been used in body jewelry for years, and this septum ring is sure not to disappoint! It features three tiers of gorgeous chains attached to an easy seam ring and is priced at $11.99!

Gold Chain Septum Ring Septum Jewelry Gold Septum Piercings Septums

#13: The Amaya Clicker

The Amaya Clicker is a shorter septum ring, and features cool tribal striped design with a small point! It is just $9.99!

Amaya Clicker Striped Septum Ring Cute Septum Jewelry Septum Clicker

#14: The Tiered Crystal Clicker

This clicker makes a BOLD statement, boasting two rows of shining gems, and is available in silver and rose gold! It is priced at $23.99 and will be a staple piece of your septum ring collection.

Silver Crystal Clicker for Septum Piercing Septum Rings Septum Piercing Body Candy Maria Tash

#15: The Turquoise Clicker

The Turquoise Clicker consists of many turquoise cabochons set along the bottom of a dainty clicker! This piece is perfect for turquoise lovers, or those who want to bring some color to their septum. It costs just $22.99!

Turquoise Septum Ring Turquoise Septum Clicker Turquoise Septum Ring Facial Piercing Jewelry Maria Tash Body Candy

As you can see, Spirit Adornments has a lot of beautiful septum rings to fit any style! To see our full collection, click HERE.

Until next week,

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